Medical Departments


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Sorry, this entry is only available in Türkçe.

Chest Diseases


Section of Pulmonary Medicine What are the symptoms of the patients evaluated in the section of pulmonary medicine? The patients having one or more of the respiratory symptoms are evaluated in the section of pulmonary medicine (shown below) RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS; COUGH DYSPNEA (SHORTNESS OF BREATH) SPUTUM (PRODUCTION) BLODY SPUTUM (PRODUCTION) CHEST PAIN Symptoms related to… Devamı »



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Sorry, this entry is only available in Türkçe.

Nutrition and Dietetics


Nutrition is a behavior that must be exhibited consciously in order to take the nutritional elements the body needs in sufficient amounts and at the right time with the purpose of protecting and improving the health and raising the quality of life. Malnutrition is the reason of some diseases directly or indirectly. Therefore, our main… Devamı »



Emergency department supported by all other branches within the working hours also renders service with the specialists on-call outside the working hours in the hospital. Our physicians in other branches come to emergency in a short time if necessary. Required interventions and tests are performed without losing time in emergency department equipped with modern medical… Devamı »



We have a Biochemistry laboratory with the purpose of making the required contribution to the medical treatment and care process of our patients by providing the most accurate results in the shortest time. Biochemistry laboratory renders qualified and reliable service on 24/7 basis a week.

Internal Medicine


Early and final diagnosis of diseases is established during the detailed examination in the light of scientific developments by using laboratory (blood, urinary, stool etc.), radiological examinations (x-ray, ultrasonography, mammography, computerized tomography etc.) and other necessary tests like EKG and Echocardiography. Internal Medicine diverges into many sub-branches in parallel to the scientific and technological developments… Devamı »