Check Up

Why is Check-up Important?

Even though you don’t have any disease or complaint;
Busy pace of working life, stress, familial, genetic and chronic diseases, unhealthy environmental conditions, malnutrition, such bad habits as smoking and alcohol, problems and stress of private life, age are the factors that negatively affect your health.

Having a Check Up once a year is important for healthy people for early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Early diagnosis of diseases increases both the success of treatment and the individual’s life comfort.

Our Check-Up packages are:

  1. General Check-Up (Internal Medicine)
  2. Cardiology-based Check-Up
  3. Detailed Check-Up (Men aged below 40)
  4. Detailed Check-Up (Women aged below 40)
  5. Detailed Check-Up (Men aged above 40)
  6. Detailed Check-Up (Women aged above 40)

Things to do before Check-Up:

  • You must get an appointment before coming for Check-Up.
  • You must inform us before starting the procedures if you are pregnant or suspicious about it.
  • You should bring previously performed tests and other test results with you.
  • You must fast on your appointment day. You should fast for 8 hours at least and shouldn’t smoke.
  • Please do not consume foods causing flatulence one day before Check-Up. Do not drink carbonated, cola and alcoholic drinks.
  • Stop taking iron supplements and other vitamin drugs two days before at least.
  • You should come with comfortable clothes. Bring your clothes suitable for running if effort tests are made.