General Surgery


Systemic and local problems in the body are treated with surgical methods in General Surgery. It performs coordinated work with many other departments due to wide area of interest. A big part of patients in this department are composed of cancer cases and multiple organ injuries. Cooperation is ensured with other departments in diagnosis, surgery and planning treatment stages for these patients.

General Surgery department of our hospital offers service with the experienced physicians. All kinds of surgical intervention about general surgery can be performed; screening and detailed follow-up programs are also particularly carried out for the early diagnosis of various types of cancers.

General Surgery

  • Hemorrhoid, fissure, dermoid cyst surgeries
  • Hernioplasty with and without patches
  • Cholecystotomy (open-closed)
  • Reflux surgery
  • Goiter surgery
  • Diagnosis and surgery of breast diseases
  • Diagnosis and surgery of esophagus, stomach, small intestine, liver, pancreas, large intestine, rectal diseases


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