Human Resources Policy


In these days, both business life and technology have been going through a change at an unprecedented pace. The superiority of companies over their rivals has become more depended on the qualifications of human resources; therefore, Human Resources management has started to undertake such responsibilities as being more strategic, bringing more holistic vision, keeping up with the change and directing this change.

In the new understanding of economy, the level of meeting the desires and expectations of our patients is directly related to the quality of the service produced, effectiveness and efficiency in business processes, knowledge, skill and creativeness of staff. So, our hospital is managing its human resources much better and more efficiently than ever with an understanding of continuous development. Trainings are provided in order to employ qualified work force in line with our hospital’s vision, mission and corporate values, to avail Human Resources most efficiently and to contribute to personal and professional development of employees. All of our managers are required to be a “Human Resources Manager” in order to apply our Policy of Human Resources Management effectively, and we have adopted this as our main philosophy.

With this purpose, we always arrange training programs and meetings, and share important information and competences about Human Resources Management with our department managers. We aim Corporate Success, not the Personal Success.

We believe that we will reach our objectives with the sophisticated and experienced employees who love their jobs and think as service-oriented. We are on our way to become a preferred hospital and employer by considering our personnel not only as employees but also from the perspective of social element with the purpose of contributing to professional development and motivation of our staff thanks to our Training, Performance, Valuation and Career Planning studies.
If you want to share this route with us;

We believe that the teammates to join us should;

  •  Adapt to active working environment
  •  Communicate with patients and their relatives with empathy
  •  Never compromise on the understanding of qualified service
  •  Be open to development and innovations, continous learning
  •  Put so much effort to increase their knowledge, skills and qualifications and “Be Proud To Work in Kudret International Hospital”.


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