Business Values


All of our personnel and physicians act with the sense of responsibility towards patients and their job.


All of our personnel, physicians and patients feel the sense of trust in every meaning and exchange it with each other. The necessary efforts to ensure the trust are exerted by all of our personnel and physicians.


Our personnel and physicians act in accordance with the rules that regulate the types of behaviors or decisions. They have the competence to practice all ethical behaviors that express what is wrong and what is right.

Being scientific:

Medical practices and treatments are performed under the guidance of scientific way. Our institution simultaneously follows and applies the technology and innovations.


It is the main principle to use the right information in the right time. Our personnel and physicians provide service with advanced knowledge in the units they work.

Respect and Love:

It stands for the respect towards patient rights, privacy, demand and expectations. Our patients receive the treatment on the basis of love and kindness in our institution. Nothing arising from the patients’ lack of information can be abused within our institution, patient information cannot be used for different purposes.


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