Our Responsibilities


In addition to patient rights, the concept of “Patient Responsibility” has emerged recently. The content and scope of this concept haven’t put forth yet. However, we can define it as the duties and responsibilities that the patient must fulfill before and after the application to a medical institution. It is possible to size the responsibilities of patient. We can specify them as below.

General Responsibilities

  • Individuals must do everything to take care of their health and follow the recommendations for a healthy life.
  • If appropriate, individual can donate blood or organ.
  • Individuals must do their own care by themselves.

Social Security Condition

  • Patient is obliged to notify the changes in health, social security and personal information on time.
  • Patient is obliged to make her/his health record visa done on time (such as Bağ –Kur, Yeşil Kart).

Informing Medical Personnel

  • Patient must provide information on complaints, previous diseases, whether s/he has received inpatient treatment, drugs used if any, and all information about her/his health in full and complete.

Following the hospital rules

  • Patient must follow the rules of the medical institution to which s/he has applied.
  • Patient must follow the referral procedures as determined by the ministry of health and other social security institutions.
  • Patient is expected to cooperate with medical personnel during treatment, care and rehabilitation.
  • If patient is benefiting from a medical institution providing service with appointment, s/he must arrive on the date and time of appointment and notify the relevant authorities about changes.
  • The patient must be respectful for the hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
  • Patient has to compensate the damages given to hospital equipment.

Following the Recommendations about Treatment

  • Patient must carefully listen to the recommendations about her/his treatment and medication and ask the things s/he doesn’t understand.
  • In case patient can’t follow the recommendations about the treatment, s/he should notify the medical personnel regarding this matter.
  • Patient must express whether the care plan is well-understood as expected after discharge.
  • Patient is responsible for the consequences that will arise from rejecting the treatment to be applied and not following the recommendations.