Urologic diseases are frequently observed in the society and they can have some results ranging from mild ones to life-threatening dimensions. Having reliable knowledge about the subject is necessary for early diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

What is Urology?

  •  Urology is the branch of medicine related to the urinary system in women and men, diagnosis of the diseases about reproduction and genital system, operation and/or medical treatments of them in men. The organs of urinary system involve adrenal glands, kidneys, ureter, bladder, urethra and prostate. Genital system involves penis and testicles.
  •  Which diseases are considered within Urology? Some of them are diseases of kidney, adrenal glands, bladder, prostate, penis cancers, urinary system stone diseases (kidney, ureter, and bladder), benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), urethral strictures, incontinence, urinary system infections, male infertility, erectile dysfunction in men, varicocele, hydrocele, undescended testis, hypospadia, urinary leakage from bladder to kidney.
  •  Treatments, interventions and operations as required by modern medicine are performed by the specialist physicians with the use of modern operation room, intensive care unit, diagnosis and treatment devices found within the body of Kudret International Hospital.

Operations performed in Urology

Cancer Surgeries

  •  Radical Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer
  •  Cystectomy and Orthotropic Neobladder Surgery
  •  TUR for Bladder Cancer (Endoscopic Surgery for Bladder Cancer)
  •  Partial or Radical Nephrectomy Surgeries for Kidney Cancer
  •  Surgical Interventions for Testicular Tumors

Stone Surgeries

  •  Nephrotomies (Open and Endoscopic) (Percutaneous nephrolithotomy)
  •  Urethral Calculi Surgeries (Open and Endoscopic)
  •  Bladder Stone Surgeries (Open and Endoscopic)

Prostate Surgeries

  •  Open Prostatectomy
  •  TUR (Endoscopic Prostate Surgery)
  •  Grenelight laser surgery

Kidney Surgeries

  •  Kidney Cyst Surgeries
  •  Nephrectomy Surgeries
  •  Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction (closed, open) surgeries

Bladder Surgeries

  •  Bladder stone surgeries (closed, open)
  •  Urethral surgeries Urethral stricture (closed, open and patched) surgeries
  •  Penile surgeries
  •  Penile Implants (Bendable, inflatable)
  •  Peyronie’s disease surgeries
  •  Urinary incontinence surgeries
  •  Artificial sphincter
  •  Bladder neck suspension surgeries
  •  Injection

Surgeries of Pediatric Urology

  •  Circumcision
  •  Undescended Testis surgeries
  •  VUR surgeries
  •  Hypospadias surgeries

Initiatives about Infertility

  •  Varicocele Surgeries (with local anesthesia, Loupe or microsurgery method)

Other Surgeries

  •  Hydrocele (accumulation of fluid around testicle)

Other Procedures

  •  Prostate needle biopsy with transrectal ultrasound for prostate cancer
  •  Urinary flow rate study
  •  Percutaneous nephrostomy