Visitor Guide


  • Visiting hours are between 09:00 – 20:00.
  • Pay attention that visits last short.
  • Please do not bring children aged below 7 to visits.
  • More than 2 vistors aren’t accepted at the same time due to the medical condition of our patient.
  • Leave the room during the treatment and control of patient, pay attention to warnings, do not intervene.
  • Visits to those with contagious and epidemic illness aren’t allowed.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden within the area of hospital.
  • Don’t sit on the bed during the visit.
  • Pay strict attention not to bring food-beverage from outside.
  • As alive flowers are risky for the patient’s health, they will be received by the reception, patient/patient’s relative will be informed. Flowers will be delivered to the patient/patient’s relative on the day of discharge.